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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Passage of the network set. I think it makes sense to combine a couple of three passes in one of the most informative. Clarification on quests, I'll take from the game script. For example - is nowhere mentioned that the only sniper rifle SR-800 (the best after Railgun) is the only one out of the shadows and steal it can only be stealing a character with a level of secrecy at least 85. :)
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
My character stole this sniper rifle from the back of him that sat on the bench with skill Helmut theft 55 stealth and skill of 42.
15.05.2011 09:52 Guest
Hello. In letters sent advisable to enter a web address, realized only by e-mail, and so would not understand where to find the site. It's amazing that the game is still alive, largely of course due to patch Derfflinger-a. Good luck to you.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Hi! Thank you for visiting! In a letter link to the site, apparently they are cut. Made a mistake, thank you noticed that! :) Actually, the game can be a very big future, primarily due to the ease of modification. Full of tools to change the textures, models, etc. And the language "python " easy to understand. Therefore quite possible to make their version of the game, such as the continuation of the legendary Follout 'as
15.05.2011 08:11 Guest
Oh, it will be just fine. It remains only to assemble the people and everything =) But I look, people began to move here =) Ps As far as I noticed there is no English-speaking =) But all of Ranvier's cool =) If you need something, then delighted to provide all possible assistance .
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Therefore, no, that before it was only in Russian. But the statistics were a lot of calls from abroad and a couple of people write in the guest in the English language. So I think more than not. Moreover, that the official site for the game closed. About the aid - until nothing. As soon add a blog and registration, will need assistance in writing the passage with reference to maps of locations and the knowledge base, as is done in the section of frequently asked questions
15.05.2011 07:38 Guest
Angle of motion I oybchno not hurt. But the fact that he always flies where, to be honest on your nerves. But thanks anyway =) It would be certainly more convenient to chat =) With CAPTCHA also rules. But there is an option to introduce a registration system. And register without the captcha write ... But everything depends on the possibility of creating it. I'm not really into this apart, so I just propose options ...
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Make is not difficult. It always comes back in time. Well just ask, then do register on the site and chat. No registration to write in chat and in the guest book will be available only with captcha, and only on behalf of "guest ". After registration, no captcha, and under his own name. In addition, once there are many enthusiasts to modify the game, I suggest to make your own sections on the site for registered users. Where they can keep your blog and share their achievements. How to look at it? Also, please note that all your messages are automatically translated into English, the same will apply to the chat and the blog.
15.05.2011 07:26 Guest
Hmm. A skill that's a question. And you can somehow remove the "invisible wall, " when a car edish? And they are a few meters from the object, it is very annoying: (And yet, it would be nice to do, no question-answer form of "guest book, " and prsoto chat. It's just so-offer =)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Unfortunately remove invisible "wall " does not work, it is a problem of graphics engine. But you can try to increase the maximum angle of movement for the car, which he can climb. The default is 60 degrees. That is why it 'stumbles "at any place where there is a rise of more than this degree. Try experimenting with parameter max_steigwinkel in file scripts / itemdata / As for the chat. You can certainly make it, but the problem is a spammer. As soon as I open up the free form without captcha, immediately fray spam. A chat with captcha ceases to be a chat. But if you is not scared. Then no problem - do
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