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13.03.2011 04:49 Guest
Thank you! This is the most sensible site on the game of those that I met.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thanks for the tip! :)
26.02.2011 08:42 Guest
Thank you very much for your wonderful site! I just started to master this game and have learned a lot) more to such enthusiasts like you! With respect.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thanks for the tip! :) Glad that the site is like.
22.02.2011 03:47 Guest
Thank you for your very sensible resource for the game! Sergei, Respect to you! Then came vopros.Kakim way put a bug in a pickup truck, which stops at the trailer prostitute near the drug-base? Something does not work ... : (
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Hi! Thank you:) As for the beetle. If I remember correctly, there should be a video showing how they come into the trailer. After that, we take into the hands of a bug and use it for pick-up. Nothing complicated there. But it happens that the game is buggy on this site. Either there is no video or no pickup reaches the trailer or pickup truck not at all ... There is nothing to advise but to boot from sohranyalki prior to entry into this sector. Or replay.
20.02.2011 07:32 Guest
Hello, nice site, knowledge base and a map handy, sorry for that game is already the 2nd time has passed, so have used before. I have here a question arose - after passing the message climbs with a hint of some sort of "new adventures of the " ride on the location, but nothing new is discovered. this is another joke developers? ps igruha really good but the shoals of course it has long discouraged the players only when the game appeared - himself a few years ago nadybal pirates ... well, in general desire to play again and she has just now))
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Hi! I am glad that the site is like. As far as I know, information about new adventures - this was an application for continuation of the game. Since the moment of the game they were already working on a sequel. However, the game is frozen and will not continue. Just possibly, there was simply due to the possibility of "free" game. No story. But the sense this is no. About bugs, etc. I agree that the game before the last patch was not worth special attention. Only mode on the fans of the game to rescue her. Such as Deflinger and Moonbear.
18.02.2011 10:07 Guest
Recently downloaded igru.Ochen ponravilos.Potom stumbled upon a page dedicated to etou igre.10 for registration and information.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you! :) Glad that the site is like.
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