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10.01.2011 11:08 Guest Bardak
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you! :) Removed forum at all, because nobody uses them. Maybe then return if the site is someone else will need.
08.01.2011 05:40 Guest
> Is there a way to set Retribution Mod by 1.10 version? exists. but with a lot of crutches. I was pulling method: set up two versions of the game. one bahnul patch, he certainly did not stand up correctly, but the scripts submenu. further through DIFF editor comparing two directories, and in "clean " make a difference from the curve-prpatchennoy. me there, not all segments. There were many shoals of rewriting the syntax. where it had stupidly guess. in the end just spat, and realized that it's easier to make a mod from scratch than podtachit from the other versions, but even with the knowledge of python 'e (script game engine), lazy to deal with the engine itself. that where to arrive and called.
04.12.2010 08:34 Guest
Thank you very much for your work, pick up your site. Chm-helper. As time barred since all the forums are dead, I ask here. I play in 3 SD 1.10 + Derfflinger + nosd (last - because the old starforsa not running win7-64). Walk solo to the max. complexity. Already done this 5 years ago on 1.5 + Derfflinger the time, and such problems did not exist. And they are: to shoot at an enemy to the max. distance of their weapons (sniper, assault rifle). The enemy is responsible for the same distance falls from his accident pistol is always (?), Unlike me, and its damage, despite the fact that that the skin, and I have - armor, an order of magnitude greater. (14-18 vs. my 5.4 with a sniper and 2-3 in the machine). Is this normal? Oil painting - is vkachenny sniper and dies from a duel with the host shotgun through the floor map ...
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
This is an old feature so many games, while passing on the maximum complexity in you always get! It does not impose a fine on the range of enemy weapons, and on thy superimposed on the full program. Simply, it is much easier to do than to hide the icon more advanced enemy intelligence, teamwork, etc. The fact that on older versions it was not explained by the patch Deflingera. Since he was very right balance. But in the version 1.10 changes from it is much less, as 1.10 and so different from the version 1.9. If my memory does not change course.
15.11.2010 12:23 Guest
Cool game and it would be not bad at its base to create a strategy for development ... In 2009, even wrote a screenplay and a possible grouping of the project, but this is just a dream ...
13.11.2010 09:51 Guest
Where can I take find penlight batteries for the manufacture of an implant? You can read that code like that, but how, in what file and what scribbles do not understand. In the game, I understood it at all there? PS thanks for the help.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Added patch deflingera implant, so nothing I can not tell.
07.11.2010 10:30 Guest
about u0026quot;Fenech u0026quot; - and where indicated the accuracy of weapons, I have not found anywhere else. Or is the infa appear after having, when the Persian pump. In this case, which should pump up to a level that I could see so Old?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
If memory serves me correctly, the information on the weapons when it is in your hands. But not sure, since the last time the game launched in 2008:)
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