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Guest, answer to: Guest
it is necessary to pump the perk of driving. as I remember.
31.05.2013 08:26 Guest
Thank you very much!
31.05.2013 02:55 Guest
Zdravstujte, tell me how a console commands can be added to the game machine?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
You must run two commands:

system.create_object ('KOD_MASHINY', X, Y, id = 'IDENTIFIER, directions = DIRECTION)

objects.set_attribute ('UID', 'accepted_drivers', ['UISPIELER'])


KOD_MASHINY - code of the type of transport options: SET_BUGGY, SET_WHEELTANK, SET_PICKUP and SET_HUMVEE.

X, Y - coordinates of the current map, for example: 345, 470

IDENTIFICATION - any unique string, the main thing that it is not repeated in the game. For example: MY_NEW_BUGGY1

DIRECTION - the direction in which the car will be sent, in degrees from 0 to 360. This option is not critical, so you can specify just 45.

Example of adding Hammer:

system.create_object ('SET_HUMVEE', 340, 760, id = 'MY_HUMMER', direction = 45)
objects.set_attribute ('MY_HUMMER', 'accepted_drivers', ['UISPIELER'])
27.05.2013 02:00 Guest
Hey, how could i skin a dingo?

I have 55 survival skill, how much more do i need?

Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Skill always works! At the level of skill of at least 15, with a 40% chance you can cut yourself and get nothing. At the level of skill of survival of less than 40, with a 20% chance you can cut yourself and get nothing. In all other cases - the result is almost 100%. But for skins requires standard or long knife in his hand!
VagabonD, answer to: Guest
To skin an animal, you need to have not just sufficient survival skill, but also KNIFE or LONG KNIFE in your character's inventory. :)
Guest, answer to: Guest
Survival 70.
24.05.2013 11:46 Guest
any chances having working version of derfflinger mod on german version??

or a english translation of mod?

not possible to run it on german nor polish version, ant english translation dont work on russian version (even after changing filenames)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Unfortunately you can not install this modification on another version of the game, except on the Russian. This is specified in the documentation for the modification.
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