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VagabonD, answer to: Guest
Saith true, comrades! IMHO, 90% of current games cause violent gape. Yes, beautiful ... Yes, impressive. But does not catch at all. Then, but not that. Something is missing. I can not believe, in general. And the old toys sometimes want to pass again a thousand times. I'm actually from the generation that caught the shift from quality to quantity. I have had the opportunity to compare the DOS Win crafts masterpieces that have begun to attract longer stories and features as well such grafon JOINT-STOCK COMPANY! for, in my opinion, as long as the maximum audio and video effects were limited by hardware and by software developers to have to attract buyers qualitatively elaborated world after not been able to impress the new veins on leaves in the rays of the rising sun.

What I mean is what ... The Fall is one of the only modern, but still "antique" games where the atmosphere at times paid more attention.
01.03.2013 12:02 Guest
it is possible to switch the mode of fire and how to do it as a folding stock?
Guest, answer to: Guest
Ctrl-B, by default. And in the description of the weapon is specified. Noticed (although it is possible that this is my personal bug repack) that the location of the New Safford these switch (stock, firing mode) does not work. In the other (yet reached Spiritspringa) fine. By the way, to set the laser pointer, the stock should be added, are not spelled like new variants of weapons sheet combinations :)
Unknown, answer to: Guest
Another very skill specific to the weapon, should be high enough in character to those actions. You can even lay out a single character butt and give weapons to other.
23.02.2013 11:00 Guest
ATP and how to kill them
Unknown, answer to: Guest
Right-mouse click on any Retskula, choose "Attack" (crosshair symbol) ... after the first hit in Retskula they become hostile, shoot all (absolutely all, only then can open the cage).
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
I hated almost all quietly dropped from the back with a machete, killing and hiding a corpse. So managed to kill more than 80% of all enemies. The others pelted with grenades or shot. Chose this approach since played one character.
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
And I really like the way Ivan looks with a chainsaw. A batch and my HS and bats with nails: 0 So I killed all redskulov there without firing a shot. Suitable even for those that are in pairs and sinhoriziroval attack :) of course, should have been more cautious rebyaiki: fit a company with bats, knives and a chainsaw ... just do not ask what time it is, well, he and AI AI in Fall :)
22.02.2013 03:11 Guest
what to do in Fort kagda papadu with drug labs
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
So it is necessary to read: kill all, to find the key in the trunk and release from prison of scientists. Then release their family.
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