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06.04.2010 05:08 Guest
wanted to ask why in koperhile camp shadows? what to do with it? and where to get this bug? checking station at night, no one, although too iteresno what to do there? on the map tag is, and there are only billboard, which opens the arena.
05.04.2010 08:38 Guest
here do not know, I have it too was isolated point and what to do without the concept.
05.04.2010 03:35 Guest
Yes, I have something not properly configured. Vingler in the village, which tells Fredo ... And I will clarify: Quest of the tank taken on the commodity train station or in Copperhill? It seems he is taken from some guy. or not?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Taken at night on the commodity train station. You caught them at night, stealing and begin a quest, if I remember correctly of course.
05.04.2010 01:22 Guest
here is described in great detail all Honor, I am sure you will find what are looking for a night quest. at least I knew where to look here this vinglera.
05.04.2010 01:19 Guest
I have one right now worried about how to make goods from traders changed (by a human). and then the carrot of a novelty to be described as something not so hot))))
05.04.2010 01:17 Guest
Of course we will not be offended. and I found where this vingler. he was not in New stefford in the village of Fredo. Fredo and he is in New stefford. that is, Fredo open terrain, and in the area this vingler and it opens the territory of the monks.
05.04.2010 11:24 Guest
Yes, while Iu0026#39;m here in Koperhille, I know there are nocturnal quest of the thieves, mud kerosene, anyone get it?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
You just have to come at night to the tank and caught young men for stealing.
05.04.2010 11:23 Guest
Come on Admin, I would be in your place, too, all the time, the family paid ))))))) or work, but the family are all still better ))))) Thatu0026#39;s why we did not think to be offended, however, Valerie?
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