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Unknown, answer to: UP1347
... and has long been downloaded ... there can be nothing more does not work. But with this shake torrents lately, but I can not guarantee anything about the Last Days of Gaia. Need to explain how to download torrents?
UP1347, answer to: Unknown
"But with this torrent " - with what?
Unknown, answer to: UP1347
Hell, do not paste the link: (...
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UP1347, answer to: Unknown
Thank you! I hope there will not be bugs)
15.09.2012 03:52 UP1347
I'm trying to combine a rag and a bottle of booze. At Butch mechanic 85. Just stuff back into inventory. No signal "bad kombineyshn ". And there is no product. Do I need to create a Molotov cocktail swing explosives?
Unknown, answer to: UP1347
Of course, you need talent 'Create explosives ' ... But in the knowledge base and written
14.09.2012 02:07 UP1347
Well, there is much need to pump. A fry, LCC gather and sit in the car can be at any level. Okay. Now I have another question: fatigue group (by the way, it is only found in the group, the group took Henry because he was tired with all five minutes), what effect? Persians just complain, they say "down valyus ", and no figures are not reduced, did not fight worse.
Unknown, answer to: UP1347
Fall over time attributes. In scripts ( explain everything, but there is a hefty process (or whatever it's called in the correct programming?), And I did not this time to insert here.

Briefly describe in Russian ...
If you do not rest 36 hours, then go down to -2 atribudy, skills, 10%;
48 hours - attributes - 4, 30% skill, and even health decline of 0.7 times;
56 am - attributes -8, -50% skills, health * 0.5;
60 hours - all the horror that happens, I can not even understand what is written ... Here (excerpt)

if awake> = timerepr.time ( "60:0:0 "):
"" "60 + Stunden Charakter Health geht auf 1 Punkt, er wird
ohnmG ¤ chtig und bleibt es fGјr 12, Spielstunden,
anschlieGџend ist er voll ausgeruht "" "
changed = False
for char in system.get_pcs ():
objects.set_attribute (char, "unconscious_subtract_hp ", False)
objects.destroy (char, unconscious = True)
changed = True
if changed:
data ( "rest "). unconscious_start = system.get_mission_time ()
msg (True, globaltext.REST_FATIGUE_WARNING_4)
system.notify_global_timer ( "fatigue_unconscious_timer ", 30 * 1000)
system.update_ui ()

Check if you wish. I assume that the effect of fatigue is generally irreversible, or group itself will stay right ... perhaps, Sergey A.Zhukov clarify.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
Not sure, but the point about right. Soldiers fall into unconsciousness. Will block the ability to choose the fighters. If I understand the script :)
14.09.2012 04:38 UP1347
Probably everyone knows that, but still ... Khaljavnogo EXPERIENCE. 1) At the 500 experience points for each character can be obtained by planting drive. Even if the character does not know how to steer, the hitting on the driving seat, it all still gets EXP 2) on time, please contact: roast meat (50) connecting LCC or grenade launcher to arms (25) This may be it. Just as easy with the skill to survive in 40 units to cut production every Persian. If that can be inserted into a blog.
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