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11.07.2015 12:49 Dmitriy
I noticed a problem with the monks of the desert: for those who are written scripts to clean weapons (}
"DESERT_MONK_7": {# Waffe reinigen
"00:00:00": {
S_START: [start_clean_weapon ()],
S_LOOP: [clean_weapon ()]}
after the attack on them they do not want to take up arms and fight a run. How can I fix this?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Dmitriy
I think you can, because the trigger occurs when they flee fighting. I get the scoop on these days, how to do it, if no one did not make.
Dmitriy, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
there is an option to replace
"DESERT_MONK_7": {# Waffe reinigen
"00:00:00": {
S_START: [sit_down_on_ground ()],
S_LOOP: [sit_on_ground ()]},
Like all the monks during the battle take up arms.
30.06.2015 07:16 MorganFreeman
By the way, yes ... One thread of the guests or lodgers site up to date what are the tips of fashion Freedom Mod v 2.0? And how to find them. I would like to go through the same fashion :)
Guest, answer to: MorganFreeman
I do not see it, but on the forums people have written that this ordinary note. Search should be, sweeping the additional (ie desert) locations.
MorganFreeman, answer to: Guest
Thank you so much! Although some sort of certainty. It remains to find out they're just lying somewhere on the ground or in one of the few "active" objects lie.
30.06.2015 05:03 Guest
My fix for patch / Fashion Derfflinger 7.4
29.06.2015 09:41 Dmitriy
After changes to the files - scripts (damage from munitions, weapons at the firing range) in the game, these values
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Dmitriy
It's hard to say anything, not knowing what and how to change.
Dmitriy, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
for example: I am in the scripts itemdata ammo Done ammunition-'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM 'Replace with string
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM', attribute = "schaden_organisch_min", value = 3)
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM', attribute = "schaden_organisch_max", value = 7)
Done in the game is changing, but when you view information about the munitions damage is not 3-7, and any value changes with a reboot of the game ...
Also betrayal firing range objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AUTOMAG_3', attribute = "minimale_feuerreichweite", value = 0)
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AUTOMAG_3', attribute = "maximale_feuerreichweite", value = 25)
promotre when the game information weapons firing range not 25, not the old value of 22 m. The ability to lay character. 60 Weapon ...
Here's the problem: the value of damage and range of the game have changed, but the information about it became incorrect.
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