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11.01.2016 11:04 Guest
There are still the only ones, like me, that this game is still played :) Funny that 8 years ago, I left the post here. Recently, for the first time passed before the end of Fallout 1,2,3. Now here's The Fall decided to finish last. Powered igruha to 1920x1080, and if you close your eyes to the faces of the characters and blurred long-range plan, the schedule did. It is a pity that the game did not continue and the like are now basically no.
I do not really understand how the addiction to arms, how many ranks, and it is also reset when you switch firing modes. I'll start again without third-party mods on the advice of comrade BrainRipper.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
"Works on igruha 1920x1080"
With distortion of the proportions, everything is stretched.

"I'll start again without third-party mods on the advice of comrade BrainRipper."
Only fixes for Abraham's place. And on request, fix the translation.

"I do not really understand how the addiction to arms"
10 killed +5 shooting skills
30 killed in 10 skill
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
I not noticed distortion. Resolution is available in the game settings. While it may before the characters were very thin, I do not remember :)
Correction of "true" to "True" did the rest is not critical, look. And why fix AK-47 on the AK-74? It's two different machine.
Addictive there divided by the total weapon that does not move and a certain - like 5,10,30. When assembling with a silencer and a laser pointer strays in my opinion. And for throwing knives at all after 30 murders, nothing changes.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
"I did not notice the distortion." all the characters are converted into stocky dwarf. and here the normal proportions.

"The resolution is available in the settings of the game."
No argument. Access permission does not imply a guarantee of correct proportions.

"Why fix AK-47 on the AK-74? It's two different machine."
AK-74, lying on the ground, in the prompt incorrectly displayed as the AK-47. Hint appears when you press 9.

"When you build a silencer or a laser pointer strays in my opinion."
I did not shoot down.
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
Well, yes, in the second screenshot have more apocalyptic figure :) And as they get to lose weight on the big screen?
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
The right image is possible only with the black stripes on the sides!

If the monitor is connected by DVI (and in some cases for the connection of VGA) there are two possibilities:
1) start the game in the resolution of 1280x960, turn off the control panel graphics driver scaling;
2) adding a 1440x1080 resolution in the control panel graphics driver, switch the setting to scale proportionally (or disable it as in step 1).

If the connection of VGA, then choose 1280x960 (or 1440x1080) and disable scaling, but in the menu on the monitor.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
Getting used to the weapons go astray when you switch shooting modes (turn cutoff, odinocheymi, grenade launcher).
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
Clearly, thanks.
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
How can i change the resolution? on my options doesnВґt seem to appear this option
08.01.2016 06:32 Guest
The question arose: left near the village of nomads full of various junk pickup left the cards in it and a Hummer. Some time ride in different places. Returned - no pick-up ... Where could go? Is there any chance to find, or all meet?
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