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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I have not preserved the original version of the game, but if I'm not mistaken, without modification Derflinger'a load carriers use was impossible. That's why I did not specify the number of slots in the original game.
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
Without modification Derfflinger'a luggage did not really work, but it was in version 1.9.
And in 1.10 racks added by the game developers. And working with different trunk than in 1.9 + mod Derfflinger 6. *
13.08.2014 10:23 Guest
Do weapon has a parameter called "blockadewahrscheinlichkeit". In your tables he called the "breakdown" (although it is not something that "breakdown" in rounds), the tables Derfflinger'a - as "armor.".
Since German is literally translated as "the probability of the blockade."

According to the table than this parameter the lower the better (as opposed to the breakdown in ammunition: there is the higher, the better). However, changing this option does nothing. Tested shooting at his own mercenaries, dressed in armor.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I could not find a suitable value for this parameter. And he also did not see any difference in the fight.
13.08.2014 09:26 Guest
My question is: if I say a registered user, you will come if he notification by e-mail?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
No, the message is not sent.
10.08.2014 11:49 Guest are actually poisonous trap.
Guest, answer to: Guest
in fact, these boxes poisonous trap

And here there is no trap
Guest, answer to: Guest
More: are actually poisonous trap.
08.08.2014 10:45 Guest
Please add the combination to the list: AK-74 + Knife + duct tape = AK-74 (with a bayonet)
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