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04.06.2019 08:03 GombaPorkolt
There you have it, guys! My full playthrough of the game.

I would like to thank all of you for your help, especially BrainRipper. It was a blast playing through the game, and I'm very excited about this playthrough being done! As far as I know, I'm the only one who had done such thing (on video, at least). Comments are welcome both here and on my channel!
FloatWave, answer to: GombaPorkolt
03.06.2019 07:18 GombaPorkolt
So yesterday I tested and was able to finish the whole game without dying, with 1 character, on Apocalyptic difficulty! Videos will be up shortly, I had not recorded the last parts yet, just tested, but it was successful! YouTube is a bit weird as of now and it does not let me upload due to some error, but, if possible, I'll upload the 2 videos form yesterday and tonight when I finish my private classes, I'll (hopefully) do the last video in the series! I will link the whole playlist here once completed :D
30.05.2019 06:27 Guest
During a test run i've noticed that after around six hours of gameplay (spent exclusively on resting in the New Government HQ) the merchant stopped replenishing supplies. Does anyone know, at what point does a trader's inventory stops updating?
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
Just so nothing new there. In return the thing you bought, after 60 hours from a dealer there is a new about the same cost.
If you play with the patch/mod Derfflinger 7.4, the time depends on the difficulty level:
Level of difficulty: Very easy - 42 Easy - 48, Typically - 54 Hard - 60, Very hard - 66

Exceptions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. For example, after talking with the Phoenix from the merchant in the first location will be on sale Hummer.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
If you buy from a dealer something, for example, a bulletproof vest (in the hope that when you update instead, it will be, say, automatic), and then to sell it back, the game will count like a bulletproof vest and was not sold at all, and a new product upgrade, instead of the armor will not appear.
So first, wait for the update, and then sell back.

If we buy from a dealer of the goods that we sold him earlier, updates will not be purchased instead.

If you buy from a dealer thing (in the hope that instead, it will be then necessary), paying the exact same thing (even if it is armor, reinforced 1 stack with the talent "strengthen the protection"), then refresh the product purchased in return will not. The game will count, if the purchase was not.
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
Maybe we should add a system message that the inventory is replenished?
29.05.2019 07:27 BrainRipper
GombaPorkolt, when passing a single character is a good idea to increase intelligence up to 20. What do you blunder?
27.05.2019 09:51 GombaPorkolt
What is the max fame/renown level (that level which gives permanent bonus points to Skills and which you gain by killing enemies)? Is there a chart for it somewhere with the names/kill requirements for each level? How high does it go?
BrainRipper, answer to: GombaPorkolt
def get_reputation_bonus_per_killpoints(killpoints):
"""Returns the reputation skill point bonus for the given amount of killpoints.
if killpoints < 25: return 0
elif killpoints < 50: return 1
elif killpoints < 100: return 1
elif killpoints < 150: return 2
elif killpoints < 250: return 2
elif killpoints < 500: return 3
elif killpoints < 1000: return 4
else: return 5
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